Affiliate FAQs

How does affiliation work?

We ask that all affiliate gyms allow the first officer enrolled through our program to train for free until they reach their blue belt. We then ask that any additional officers training through our program receive a special rate of $50/month that they will pay directly to your gym. Once the officers meet their training and social media requirements we are able to reimburse them, thus making their training free as well.

Can I cap the number of officers that my gym is able to train?

Absolutely. We just ask that you send us an email so we can inform any officer applicants that list your gym on their application.

Can officers that are already training at my gym apply for the program too?

Any state/local patrolling police officer that has not already received their blue belt is more than welcome to apply, even if they have already started their BJJ journey.

What should I do if my "Free Officer" receives their blue belts, drops from the program, or has their sponsorship revoked?

We ask that you transfer that "Free Officer" slot to another officer enrolled in your program or the next officer that enrolls through our program.

How will I know if an officer comes in from your program?

Officers that have been accepted into our program should present our acceptance email when they come in to enroll.

What is the duration of the Affiliate Agreement?

Affiliate Agreements are valid for 1 year. They will need to be renewed yearly.