Adopt A Cop BJJ was founded in 2020, after a slew of highly publicized police-involved shootings.  Founder Mitch Aguiar is a professional mixed martial artist and former head combatives instructor for the Navy SEALs. As many began calling to ‘Defund the Police’, Mitch knew that would only serve to exacerbate the problem.  He believes that what our police officers really need is more and better training, and Adopt A Cop BJJ was created to help fulfill this unmet need.  

Police officers receive minimal instruction or practice in managing physically volatile situations.  Often the only training they receive is at the Academy, and a once-per-year defense class.  An officer who has the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively control a combative situation will feel more confident in their abilities on the job, and are subsequently less likely to resort to lethal force in fear for their own safety during a volatile interaction. A more highly trained force will result in better outcomes for both officers and suspects.