Kyle Walter

Officer in Helena, Montana and he’s training at Helena Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Mike Chiesi

Officer in Normal, Illinois and he’s training at Frequency Martial Arts.

Jason Cuzzupe

Officer in Richland County and he’s training at Deep Waters Jiu Jitsu.

Alex Adkins

Officer Alex Adkins training at Deep Waters Jiu Jitsu in Columbia, South Carolina.

Elizabeth Dougherty

She’s training at American Elite in Deer Creek.

Kyle Bridges

He’s training at Training at American Elite MMA Deer Creek.

Ches McDonald

Officer Ches McDonald training at Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu in Webster, Texas.

Max Parvin

Officer Max Parvin training at Deep Waters Jiu Jitsu in Columbia, South Carolina.

Jerome Scurry

Officer Jerome Scurry training at the Diego Bispo Academy in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Vasili Pieratos

Officer Vasili Pieratos training at Notorious MMA in Rutherford, New Jersey.

Kaisser Surriga

Officer Kaisser Surriga training at Renzo Gracie in Warwick, New York.

Michael Roderick

Officer Michael Roderick is an officer in Rhode Island training at Tri-Force MMA.

David Wells

Officer David Wells training at Vero Beach Martial Arts and Fitness

Brandon Rhodes

Officer Rhodes is an officer from Virginia Beach and is training at Virginia Beach Jiu Jitsu

Curt Rowe

Curt Rowe is an officer in Connecticut and is training at Manchester BJJ

Todd Shipley

Todd Shipley is training at Stout Pittsburgh

Jared Loggins

Jared Loggins is training at American Elite MMA

Andrew Kramer

Andrew Kramer is training at Johns Gym

Jonathon Saiz

Jonathon Saiz is training at Mcguin Jiu Jitsu Academy